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After a family vacation in Italy, U.S. congressman's wife admits to misusing campaign fundsThe wife of a U.S. representative pleaded guilty on Thursday to federal charges alleging misuse of $250,000 in campaign funds and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors who are also bringing charges against her husband. The move by Margaret Hunter, wife of Republican U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter, came after she and her husband entered not guilty pleas in August 2018 that they spent campaign funds on items ranging from a holiday in Italy to Minnie Mouse ear headbands at Disneyland. The plea agreement recommends a five-year prison sentence, five years probation and a fine of up to $250,000, according to U.S. Attorney's office.

6/13/2019 1:57:59 PM

Anita Hill: I still hold Biden accountable but would consider voting for himThough Hill was not satisfied with Biden’s apology over Clarence Thomas testimony, she could see herself voting for him in 2020 When asked whether Joe Biden’s behavior was comparable to that of Donald Trump, who has denied multiple accusations of sexual assault, Anita Hill said: ‘Absolutely not.’ Photograph: Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images Anita Hill has said she could see herself voting for Joe Biden, despite his past treatment of her, saying she considers him “perfectly capable of running for president”. Before announcing his presidential bid in April, Biden contacted Hill to express his “regret for what she endured” while testifying against US supreme court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991, a hearing over which the former vice-president presided and where Hill was given little support as she alleged persistent sexual harassment from Thomas when they worked together. She later said she was not satisfied with Biden’s comments and that she did not consider it a proper apology. In an interview broadcast on Thursday evening, Hill, now a law professor, said she still holds Biden accountable, but has not ruled out voting for him if he were to become the Democratic nominee in next year’s presidential election. “I don’t think it has disqualified him,” she told NBC News. “He’s perfectly capable of running for president. I think we will have to make our decisions about what we want our leaders to be doing in the future around these issues of gender violence.” When asked whether his behavior was comparable to that of Donald Trump, who has denied multiple accusations of sexual assault, she said: “Absolutely not. I never said that and never intended to say that.” Adding: “I’m not actually sure that anything I’ve said has actually hurt Joe Biden’s campaign. He still is leading in the polls.” In response to a question about whether she could see herself voting for Biden if he were to become the 2020 nominee, she said: “Of course I could.” She declined to name a favorite from the packed field of Democratic candidates, but she that she would like to see gender violence discussed in the debates and for political leaders to take the issue seriously. “I want our leaders to stand up and say this is a serious problem that women are not safe in the workplace, not safe in our schools, they’re not safe on our streets and that we are going to use the government resources to illuminate the problem,” she said. Biden is ahead in the polls. Despite some signs that he is losing his lead, a recent poll put the former vice-president a solid 13 points above Trump. But his tendency for insensitive comments, inconsistency and gaffe-prone behavior on the campaign trail continues. A 2006 video uncovered by CNN shows him saying that he does not view abortion as “a choice and a right” and that “we should be focusing on how to limit the number of abortions”. It comes after his about-face last week on the Hyde amendment, which prevents federal funding from being used for abortions – dropping his longstanding support of it following a backlash. Shortly before he announced his run, Biden faced a storm of complaints and criticism for initiating too much physical intimacy with women and girls he knew or met at events. He addressed the issue in public statements, but has since been joking on the campaign trail about it and continuing to make sexist remarks. He most recently drew criticism at an event after reportedly advising the brothers of a 13-year-old girl from Iowa: “You’ve got one job here, keep the guys away from your sister.” And last month he told a young girl: “I bet you’re as bright as you’re good-looking” at an American Federation of Teachers town hall in Texas. But his biggest test to date will be the first Democratic primary debates later this month.

6/14/2019 11:31:41 AM

I'm Not Sure We Need a Ford Ranger RaptorThe standard Ranger is probably more than you ever need off-road.

6/13/2019 10:00:00 AM

Congress may thwart Decorator-in-Chief Trump on design for Air Force OneDemocrats on the House Armed Services Committee could make it tougher for President Trump's red, white and blue Air Force One paint job to become a reality.

6/13/2019 10:54:39 AM

China probes FedEx after Huawei parcels misroutedChina on Friday launched an investigation into FedEx for "failing to deliver express packages" to the correct addresses in the country, state media said, after the US delivery service misrouted some Huawei parcels. FedEx apologised earlier this month for the delivery mishap after Chinese telecoms giant Huawei said it was reviewing its ties with the package service over the incident. The US delivery firm said at the time that "no external parties requested that FedEx transfer these packages".

6/14/2019 10:16:49 AM

Doctors will conduct health checks at facility with preemieThe teenage girl with pigtail braids was hunched over in a wheelchair and holding a bunched sweatshirt when an immigrant advocate met her at a crowded Border Patrol facility in Texas. "You look at this baby and there is no question that this baby should be in a tube with a heart monitor," said Hope Frye, a volunteer with an immigrant advocacy group who travels the country visiting immigration facilities with children to make sure the facilities comply with federal guidelines. Frye and other advocates said the case highlights the poor conditions immigrants are held in after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as the government deals with an unprecedented number of families and children arriving daily.

6/14/2019 7:21:25 PM

Here's what to know about about Chase's Marriott Bonvoy Bold credit cardAOL Finance broke down the key points you should know as youconsider opening one of your own

6/13/2019 10:42:53 AM

Texas town bans abortion in vote made by five white menA small town in East Texas outlawed abortion after a council of five men declared the town a “sanctuary city for the unborn”.Waksom, Texas, has a population of just over 2,000 people and borders Louisiana. The town has no abortion clinics. Despite this, the city council, which is comprised of five white men, signed a city ordinance banning abortion, with exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the pregnant person as reported by the Washington Post. The city council was applauded by community members after passing the ordinance as a “preventative measure”. The measure states “the Supreme Court erred in Roe v. Wade when it said that pregnant women have a constitutional right to abort their “pre-born children” and co-opts pro-immigrant language, using the term “sanctuary city”, which generally refers to cities where migrants leading safe and lawful lives are safe from deportation. After Louisiana passed a restrictive abortion bill, anti-choice activists were fearful that a nearby facility across the border would move near their community. This city ordinance comes with the rising tides of abortion bans across America, ranging from foetal heartbeat bills to an all out ban in Alabama. This move, like many of the other abortion bans, is set up to provide a legal challenge to the Supreme Court precedent of Roe v Wade, which defends a pregnant persons right to abortion until foetal viability. The measure describes Roe v Wade as a “lawless and illegitimate act of judicial usurpation, which violates the Tenth Amendment by trampling the reserved powers of the States, and denies the people of each State a Republican Form of Government by imposing abortion policy through judicial decree.”With a conservative leaning Supreme Court bench, it is believed that the 1973 case may be overturned and federal protections for abortion will cease.Town residents aren’t concerned about a potential costly legal battle as, according to local media, “they say God will take care of them.”On the other side of the abortion debate, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, Aimee Arrambide, called the move a “dangerous attempt to undermine Roe v. Wade.“ Ms Arrambide reassured those seeking abortion that “abortion remains legal in all 50 states” in a statement on Thursday.“We will not be intimidated.”

6/13/2019 11:21:00 AM

Cuba travel ban: Disappointed passengers return after being rerouted mid-cruiseThousands of cruise passengers originally headed to Cuba ended up in the Bahamas after a travel ban was announced earlier this week.

6/13/2019 12:42:58 PM

Calm prevails in Memphis neighborhood two days after fatal shooting, amid police patrolsPolice helicopters and squad cars patrolled the Memphis neighborhood overnight into Friday morning where a young black man was fatally shot by federal agents, with residents appearing to heed calls for calm a day after sometimes violent street demonstrations. The man who was killed, Brandon Webber, was suspected by police of shooting a man in a violent carjacking in Mississippi earlier this month. Webber's death prompted hundreds of his neighbors to demonstrate in nearby streets on Wednesday night in Frayser, a working-class, predominantly black neighborhood.

6/14/2019 4:07:20 AM

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